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For over 40 years, The Huskey Firm has provided trusted legal services to clients in Manchester and across Central Tennessee. Our firm is locally owned and operated and since our beginning, our team has sought to provide each client with personalized service and individualized solutions.

Our attorneys practice in a number of areas including family law, domestic issues, business law, criminal defense, personal injury, and more. We are mainly a trial practice, but our team has the skills and experience to handle every type of case and every level of court. We handle every type of litigation with the exception of bankruptcy law.


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Robert L. Huskey

Robert L. Huskey of The Huskey Firm is a trial lawyer with 48 years of trial practice. He is a 1967 graduate with honors from Middle Tennessee State University and attended law school at Tulane University School of Law on a full academic scholarship graduating with a Juris Doctor Degree in 1970. The first four (4) years of practice after law school was in the United States Army as a Judge Advocate General Officer. During that four (4) years, he tried Court Martials for the United States Army as a JAG Officer at Ft. Holobird, USARSUPTHAI Headquarters in Thailand and at the 101st Airborne Division at Ft. Campbell.

At different times he served as both chief defense counsel and chief trial counsel at USARSUPTHAI and at the 101st Airborne. When released from active duty in 1974, he remained in the Reserves and was called back to active duty during Desert Shield/Desert Storm. He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. Most of his 47 years of practice in Manchester he was a sole practitioner, but in 2006 he was joined by his son, Jason Huskey, and in 2007 by his wife, Beth Huskey. Bob and Jason still continue to practice.

Litigation Experience

He has litigated in all trial levels from the General Sessions Court to the United States Supreme Court. Although his practice is primarily in middle Tennessee, he has appeared Pro Hac Vice in six other states. He handles all types of civil and criminal litigation except bankruptcy. For approximately 13 years, he served as counsel for the AEMTC which is an association of multiple trade unions at AEDC at Arnold Air Force Base, during which he handled everything from local mediations and arbitrations to trials before the National Labor Relations Board.

He is admitted to practice before all courts, Federal and State, in the State of Tennessee, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Army Court of Military Review, the United States Court of Military Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. In addition to his other trial practice, he currently serves as County Attorney for Coffee County and has done so since 2008. He is also a listed General Civil Mediator.

Community & Personal Involvement

In regard to his personal life, he is a firm believer in family, church and community. He has served on the Board of Directors of Unicef, the Board of Directors of Tennessee Vocational Rehabilitation, Alderman for the City of Manchester, Board of Directors of Boyd Christian School, Board of Directors for the Middle Tennessee Christian Foundation (Church of Christ Christian Center at MTSU) for twenty years, deacon at Main Street Church of Christ, Manchester Citizen of the Year awarded by the Manchester Kiwanis Club of which he was not a member. He is a member of the Forest Mill Church of Christ. His son, Jason, likewise is an attorney and has been practicing with his father for the past eleven years. His son, Quinton, is a real estate agent in Coffee County. He has a step-son, Garrett Sears, who is on his 2nd tour with the United States Navy and is stationed at Norfolk, Virginia.

Unique Case Experience & Knowledge

When asked about his most memorable case, or the one that most stands out, he advises that it occurred early in his practice while stationed at Ft. Campbell with the 101st Airborne Division. He was sent by the Army via a Pan Am 747 jet to Bangkok, Thailand to defend Staff Sergeant Hensley who was charged with First Degree Murder, Conspiracy to Murder, Diversion of Petroleum, and Conspiracy to Divert Petroleum, Aggravated Assault on a Military Policeman with a motor vehicle, Resisting Arrest, and Escape from Confinement. The charges originated while Captain Huskey was stationed in Thailand, but shortly before Sgt. Hensley’s trial he escaped from the stockade with an Air Force Private named Houdini.

He was later recaptured and Captain Huskey returned to Thailand to defend him. The Military Judge came from Japan and witnesses came from nineteen different countries. SSGT Hensley pled guilty to escape from confinement, but went to trial on the other six charges. He was convicted of the lesser three, that being the Resisting Arrest, Conspiracy to Divert and Diversion and was acquitted of the Aggravated Assault and two Murder charges. He was sentenced to six years. Captain Huskey knew immediately that regardless of how long he practiced, he would probably never have a case with any more intrigue and unique circumstances than that one.

Jason L. Huskey

Jason Lyndol Huskey. was born at Harton Hospital in Tullahoma, Tennessee in 1977 to Robert & Sharon Huskey, both from Tullahoma. He grew up in Manchester, Tennessee. His favorite “heroes” growing up were Superman and J. R. Ewing. He began taking Karate when he was 9 years old and reached the rank of adult 2nd Degree Black Belt at the age of 16 while running the children’s class at Duke’s Isshinryu Karate in Manchester. Around that time, he also began playing tennis, golf and volleyball which he still enjoys and continues to play regularly. For a number of years he had the privilege of helping William (Bill) Albaugh with the Tullahoma volleyball team. He greatly appreciated being able to do this as Bill is a “legend” in Tullahoma schools and in Middle Tennessee volleyball.

Educational Experience

After high school, he went to Middle Tennessee State University where he majored in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology and an emphasis in Political Science. Growing up with a father who is a private practicing attorney and having worked in his office from the time he was 13, he was very aware of many of the stresses that go along with private practice and purposely tried to avoid following in his father’s footsteps to some degree. He also always felt that although many facets of the law can be learned, actually being an effective trial lawyer requires an instinct or a nature that you either have or you don’t; however, after working with his father in a 2-week, 33-count Criminal Trial in Federal Court, it was all too obvious that this was where he belonged, at which time he proceeded to apply to and be accepted to the Nashville School of Law.

About his law school experience, Jason provided the following: The Nashville School of Law provides a different kind of education than most other law schools. While most law school classes are taught by professors who are professional teachers, they were taught by different attorneys practicing in different fields, teaching them the practice of law, not just the theory. He had former Chief Justice Adolpho Birch teaching a Crimes class in his first year as well as Marshall Davidson, who had been a long time Clerk for the Supreme Court, teaching Torts, and it didn’t stop there.

He remembers at some point watching the news one night and seeing coverage from country music singer Sara Evans’s publicized divorce, and while watching the clip from inside the courtroom he realized his Domestic Relations teacher was the presiding judge, his Wills teacher was representing one of the parties and another teacher from the school who he did not personally have was representing the other party. His Evidence teacher was the presiding judge over the Perry March trial. This is all a unique experience that one just does not get at most law schools, allowing you to learn the practicing side of law as well as the legal book knowledge.

Community & Personal Involvement

Jason got married in August 2006, around 10 days after taking the bar exam, to his wife, Kristi Davis Huskey (While he is certain of the wedding date, he is not so sure of the bar exam date). The following year his stepmother was preparing to take the bar and his father commented that “she seems extremely stressed getting ready for this. I don’t remember you being that way” to which he reminded him, “Dad, (1) it’s just not in my nature to get too stressed out and (2) I was preparing for a wedding that summer.” He insists that tudying for the bar was far less stressful than planning for a wedding. Since passing the bar in 2006, Jason has practiced full time with his father in Manchester.

Jason and his wife both spent time in Kiwanis Club until she went to school to obtain her nursing degree. She received her LPN and worked for 2 years and went back to school to get her RN degree. Approximately 2 weeks after her graduating from Motlow’s RN program, she gave birth to their first child, Kylee, and 2 ½ years later they welcomed their son, Kasen. Jason and his family regularly attend First Baptist Church of Manchester where he is a member of the choir.

Dedicated to Providing Individual Services & Support

Being in general practice work in a small town, you get to meet a wide variety of people and deal with a wide variety of issues from the most basic Will or simple possession charge to bitter contentious divorces or land transactions to suing multi-million dollar corporations, reviewing thousands of documents including medical billing and coding. No two (2) sets of facts are the same and one fact here and one fact there can completely change your case.

On his second day of Law School one of his teachers (probably one of his least favorite teachers) told the class that he was going to teach them the answer to every question they would ever be asked in their profession and that answer was “It depends.” Every individual case depends on each individual fact. Taking the time and effort to understand your case and all the different facts that make it unique is what he hopes to be able to do for you.

Freda Tudor, Legal Assistant

Freda Tudor has been with the firm for twenty-three (23) years. She is a native of Coffee County, Tennessee and graduated from Coffee County Central High School. She is married to Steve Tudor and they have three (3) children, seven (7) grandchildren and one (1) great-grandchild. Prior to beginning work at The Huskey Firm, she was employed with Rutherford Guidance Center and also worked in the staffing industry. Her duties with the firm are varied to include administrative, bookkeeping, payroll and client support.

Freda is a dedicated and indispensable member of the firm. She is knowledgeable in all aspects of the office operation and a contact point for both attorneys and their respective cases.

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